clefairy trivia

Clefairy holding Pikachu in Team Rocket's shockproof case
Most Clefairy, both in the anime and in various Pokémon games, are found near mountains, in caves, or other more hidden/mystical-seeming places.
Clefairy was almost Pokémon's mascot, but Pikachu was chosen instead, since Clefairy seemed less likely to appeal to young boys.
Clefairy are usually described as shy and gentle; the glaring exception is in the humorous Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga, in which the main character, Red, has a boorish Clefairy nicknamed "Blockhead Clefairy." (I think it should be called "Out of Character Clefairy," myself!)
75% of purposefully-bred Clefairy in Pokémon games are female.
The wings on Clefairy's back can collect moonlight, which it uses to power up its attacks.
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