Clefairy watching the pieces of Moon Stone descend to earth

Ever since I became a fan of Pokémon as a thirteen-year-old in 1998, I was drawn to Clefairy--all it took was one viewing of the episode Clefairy and the Moon Stone to enchant me! These sweet, sprite-like little creatures hide in the mountains, shy around humans yet loving to dance with each other under moonlight. They were perfectly mythical, mystical Pokémon, and I found a lot to love and to study about how the idea for Clefairy came about.

This study led me into the academic territories outlined below, because at the time, I was a rather shy creature myself, due to being bullied at school; I had created my own mental world to live in rather than keep focusing on the bullying. Thus, I identified heavily with the Clefairy's behaviors and fears, and was intrigued by their clearly defined yet isolated culture, revolving around music, magic, and of course moonlight.

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