in-game information

I've mostly covered the anime Clefairy in this site so far, but I wanted to include tables of information about Clefairy as it appears in the many Pokémon games as well, to show how consistent Clefairy's characterizations are between the anime and games. (The following screenshots come from the Bulbapedia page on Clefairy, because why reinvent the wheel, right?) I don't have much hands-on gaming experience with the knowledge provided below, but I will provide my viewpoint on each table from my perspective as an anime-Clefairy fan.

basic stats

Basic stats: HP=70, Attack=45, Defense=48, Special Attack=60, Special Defense=65, Speed=35

I am not surprised at all that Clefairy's Special Attack and Special Defense values are higher than its normal Attack and Defense--it is a Pokémon focused around magic and mystical elements, after all!

pokéathlon stats

Pokeathlon stats: Speed=4/5, Power=1/3, Skill=3/5, Stamina=2/4, Jump=2/3

I have no experience with this game whatsoever, but I'm also not surprised to see that Clefairy's Speed value is higher than all its other numbers--that little booger is fast!! LOL!

damage table

Damage table:  Weak to Poison and Steel, Immune to Dragon, Resistant to Fighting, Bug, and Dark

Since Clefairy used to be classified as Normal-type and now is classified (more correctly) as a Fairy-type, its damage resistances and weaknesses have been shifted to mirror that change as well (see Notes at bottom of chart). What surprises me most about this list is that Clefairy is immune to Dragon-types! Go slay that dragon, my little pink hero! ♥

learnset commentary

I did not screenshot the long, complicated learnset list from Bulbapedia, but here are some interesting tidbits I thought of while perusing the various games' learnsets:

Though Clefairy is considered a Fairy-type now, most of its moves remain Normal-type (such as Pound, Growl, Body Slam, and Metronome). I find it a little strange that there aren't more Fairy-type moves...
The Fairy-type moves it does have, however, such as Moonlight (healing), Disarming Voice (damage) and Moonblast (high damage), are all quite useful (and magical) skills!
I'm really surprised to see higher-level moves classified as Fighting, Physical, and Steel-types as well. Proves that Clefairy isn't a useless little puffball in battle!
The sheer variety of types of moves Clefairy can be taught using the Technical Machine (TM) and Hidden Machine (HM) is amazing. It can learn powers from just about any Type!
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